Foxeye is introducing automation to the beauty services market, initially focusing on eyelash extensions, a widely popular beauty treatment. Pioneering a patented combination of robotics, AI, and machine vision, Foxeye applies a full set of eyelash extensions in 15 minutes (instead of 2 hours), eliminating the labor costs & imprecisions associated with human application and making everyday-beauty effortless. 

The team includes veterans in retail, robotics AI, and beauty.  Philippe Sanchez is CEO (formerly Starbucks & Nike).  Nate Harding is CTO / co-founder (formerly the CEO / co-founder of Ekso Bionics -Nasdaq: EKSO).  Lynn Heublein is co-founder / executive chairman and is the CEO of Skinspirit (a chain of medi-spas and the largest botox reseller in America). Seed investors include Foundation Capital, Accomplice, and Xseed Capital, along with key angel investors in the beauty & tech industries. 


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